Let’s build your MAP (Marketing Action Plan) together!

As a group of radio stations across the state of Kansas, Murfin Media offers you the opportunity to reach the largest audience possible through broadcast advertising.

Having helped thousands of local and national businesses, our mission is to serve YOU and make sure that your business is set to succeed.

We get it, nowadays it’s hard to overcome 3 challenges:

  • Get your clients’ attention with so much noise and competition.
  • Keep creating new ideas that will make you stand out.
  • Grow your business year over year.

Here at Murfin Media, we believe that there is always opportunity for growth, and you have every right to take advantage of it!

Don't believe us? We will work with you to make sure we generate attention and turn it into revenue. (Who doesn't like more sales?)

To do that, please fill out the following to the best of your ability and with our team of marketing, radio, ads, and strategy professionals we will create a MAP for you.

Digital Marketing Audit
Ex: Customer who spends this amount, shops this often, buys this, thinks this way...
Ex: clients don’t come back, lack of creativity, not enough exposure, don’t know how to do it...
Ex: email, newsletter, text, social media, carrier pigeons...